(NOTE: To understand more, please refer to 'Customer Support')

Click on 'Register' on the top of the page and follow the steps. It is absolutely free! Once you have created your account, you need to activate it via a link that sent to your email. Login the platform and access the account setting to fill up the relevant information. After completing the formalities, your account will be able to complete the creation.

I. How to change password

  • Login your account and go to "Change Password" and go to "Security Setting".

II. How to change security password

  • Login your account and go to "Change Password" and go to "Security Setting".

Bitcoin = dynamic*

Ethereum = dynamic*

Litecoin = dynamic*

World Crypto Gold = 0.01WCG

*The fee varies dynamically depending on the network traffic.


MYR(T) = 2% (Interbank GIRO/IBFT)


Because it will need to verify that you transfer into the platform of the cryptocurrency will be displayed when no pending validation. After completing verification, your credits will appear in your WCE account.

Unfortunately, a cryptocurrency transaction cannot be cancelled once it is initiated. We are sorry if you in a situation when you need to cancel your transaction, but there is really nothing we can do at this point.

The coins will not show up on the wrong currency wallet and keeping in mind that cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, the payment will be lost forever. Please carefully check all payment details before initiating a transfer.

You can do USDT internal transfer

You will be able to use FEIMA, ZAVORi Global and Interbank GIRO/IBFT for depositing CNY(T), USD(T) and MYR(T) in WCE.

You need to go “Bank Info”, you will be able to fill up bank account details.

At present, WCE only accepts transfers from the bank accounts linked to your WCE account. All the funds sent to your account from third parties will be credited back to their bank accounts, and the transactions will incur chargeback fees.

A withdrawal can be cancelled while the transaction still shows in your account as "Trading Pending". To cancel the withdrawal, please contact the WCE Support team.

You can cancel your deposit if it has not yet been credited to your WCE account. You need to contact the WCE Support team to initiate the cancellation. The money will be charged back, and the payment will incur the processing fees.

Deposit is no limit, limits per withdrawal is USD(T) 5,000 and minimum withdraw is USD(T) 100.

To reset your password, please follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure that you are logged out of the WCE page.

  2. Select Forgot password option in Sign In page.

  3. Enter your username and email address, you will receive a link to reset the password.

Please note that market orders imply that you should have reserve funds on your account. If you want to place an order for the total amount of funds on your account, you can place a limit order.

Please note that you need to transfer your funds to the Trading account to start trading.

The minimum lot size of BTC/USD(T) at WCE is 0.001 BTC. This means that the system only creates orders with a procurement quantity that does not fall short of the minimum lot size.