Results, Profits & Costs for Spaceship Super – Spaceship GrowthX

Results, Profits & Costs for Spaceship Super – Spaceship GrowthX

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October 6, 2022 by Team Crypto
Spaceship Super was established in 2017 to attract a younger demographic with a straightforward service. “Spaceship is an easy method to plan for the future, everywhere you have access to a computer or mobile device.  It’s a single account built with technology to help you negotiate your Super.” Compared to other popular super funds with

Spaceship Super was established in 2017 to attract a younger demographic with a straightforward service. “Spaceship is an easy method to plan for the future, everywhere you have access to a computer or mobile device. 

It’s a single account built with technology to help you negotiate your Super.” Compared to other popular super funds with younger participants, This Super has a higher allocation to technology businesses.

The Top Spaceship Super Investments

The “Spaceship GrowthX” and the “Global Index” are available as investment options on the Spaceship.

Spaceship Super Results

Compared to Chant West’s median performance, Spaceship Super’s GrowthX investment choice has a median 1-year expected return. The Global Index investing option on Spaceship Super has outperformed the median version of Chant West by more than a year. Spaceship Super Performance over 4 and 6 years has no available statistics.

Spaceship Super Fees

The midpoint of all Review My Super funds with a comparable level of risk. Unfortunately, there is no universally accepted price structure in the sector.

Spaceship Super Insurance

Specifically, it does not provide any insurance. You may shop around in a comprehensive market and have your premiums deducted from your retirement fund. Check out this site to examine insurance plans side by side.

Spaceship Super Guidance

Spaceship does not have in-house budget counselors. You can speak to an advisor with a consultant knowledgeable about your Spaceship Super account and all of the market’s funds and insurers to get better guidance on this matter.

Spaceship Super Performace and Costs

When you sign up with Spaceship, you’ll automatically be invested in the GrowthX option. However, you’ll always have the opportunity to change your investment strategy.

Review of the Spaceship Super:

The information in the table was compiled from publicly available resources and information referred from Chant West Pty Ltd. While we have made every effort to ensure the authenticity of this information, Chant West cannot be held liable for any errors that may have been made. The Financial Services Guide of Chant West is one such resource. 

Finder makes no claims or promises regarding the accuracy of the information, and users are encouraged to verify any information independently before acting on it. Spaceship All fund statistics, including returns, costs, and coverage, are based on the fund’s main MySuper product. Outcomes for people between the ages of 40 and 49 have been presented, where performance, fees, and insurance data for the My Superfund varies based on the reported age of the member. It is not wise to base expectations on past displays. Please take a look at the Spaceship; it’s great.

Spaceship Super’s Features:

Spaceship supper provides its users with the following amenities and services:

  • There are two possible investments. Both investment plans for the spaceship dinner are heavily weighted toward the stock.
  • The fund’s name, “Spaceship Pds,” indicates its emphasis on technology companies over other real estate types. An emphasis on modern gadgets. But where the world is going, not where it has been, is Spaceship’s slogan.
  • GrowthX and Global Index, two of Spaceship’s investing alternatives, are both high-risk bets since they involve substantial share investments. Members with a ten-year or longer investment horizon will find them a good fit. They are investing with the long term in mind.
  • Submitting and carrying over between seasons may be done entirely online. You may open an account online and conveniently transfer your retirement savings.
  • They are meant for those aged 20-40. Spaceship Super Reddit accepts members of any age, but it is most popular with Australians in their twenties to forties, and its investments are designed with their needs in mind.
  • Interface-based funds provide a sleek app for managing your super, making contributions, and monitoring your account’s progress.

Learn More About The Investing Opportunities Available On Spaceship Super.

Spaceship gives you two alternatives to choose from regarding retirement savings. Check out the tabular data below to get a comprehensive overview of the merits of Spaceship’s GrowthX and Global Index investing choices.

Investment OptionRisk LevelAsset Allocation
GlobalXInvestors who can stomach more short-term volatility in exchange for more considerable potential long-term gains may consider this option. The stock market, specifically Australian and international technology businesses, is where this alternative shines.High risk (level 6)Growth: 83%Defensive: 7%
Global IndexInvestors who can stomach a more significant risk and exposure to overseas equities may also find this option appealing. Because it is an index investment, it is managed automatically and costs less than other options. Compared to the GrowthX option, this one puts in a lot more effort towards investing in foreign stocks, with over 80% of its balance going toward international equities.High risk (level 6)Growth: 83%Defensive: 7%

Spaceship Super: Pros and Cons


  • Gain access to high-performance investing alternatives with high growth rates
  • An investment plan that is easy to grasp and handle on your behalf. Lower annual costs than competing products on the market


  • There are just two investing choices available.
  • Despite appearances, the Spaceship is not a My Super-approved super service.
  • There is no protection from insurance.

Where To Apply For Spaceship Super?

If, after doing some research, you’ve decided that Spaceship is the best place to open a retirement savings account, you can do so by navigating to Spaceship Super’s official page. The Spaceship’s website is where you may fill out an online application and enter the PDS to apply to these services successfully.

Information You Need To Provide:

  • Sensitive data. Your full name, physical address, birth date, and contact information are required.
  • A Social Security Number (TFN). In cases when providing your TFN is optional, doing so will guarantee that your contributions and perks are taxed at the most advantageous rate.
  • Background information about the funds in question. That information will be required if you’re moving your super from another fund.

Include permission to make payment into your new Spaceship account with your completed application form.

A Welcome Pack detailing your membership benefits and the confirmation of Spaceship’s receipt of your application will be delivered to you. It is never too early to initiate saving for retirement, and once you do, you may go into high gear by making contributions and increasing your super balance.

Is Spaceship Super Safe?

Since the inception of the Spaceship Fund, the Growth option has significantly surpassed the average growth option. Contrarily, Spaceship does not provide a moderate or conservative choice or insurance.

The costs are about par for the course regarding investment options that promise growth.

A Spaceship is suitable for investors with a growth risk profile who want exposure to technology businesses. If you don’t group into this category, you may want to look into alternative possibilities.

Does APRA regulate Spaceship Super?

There is an APRA fund called Spaceship Super.

Is Spaceship Fund Self-Managed?

It’s not true that Spaceship Super is an intelligent retirement account, and the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) is in charge of regulating it.

Final Words

Everything you need to know about the Spaceship Super has been provided above for your better understanding. If you feel this is the investment you have been looking for, then feel free to check them out and invest as you please.

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